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  • Professional Training and guidance throughout all aspects related to the required DSA exams
  • Flexible hours can be arranged around your existing commitments.
  • Structured Training can be structured around your timescale over 8 weeks or longer if required.
  • Management of your lessons via structured Safeway teaching methods, aids, programme and planning.
  • Business Management Training i.e. how to maximise your profits, planning your lessons, booking ahead, controlling customers and your personal and presentation skills.
  • Competitive price outlay ensuring a cost effective comprehensive training package.


  • Advertising: Ongoing strong marketing activities ensuring that new business consistently increases. e.g. Yellow Pages, Local Press, Directories, employer incentives.
  • Central Office Services: A centralised booking system that coordinates and books client enquiries for you.
  • Telephone Support: An office that is manned 7 days a week, maximising conversions from enquiries.
  • Admin: A simple but efficient administration system - all Safeway admin supplied to meet your needs.
  • Communication: Effective communications via E-Mail, SMS Telephone and Fax.
  • Pupils: New business supplied to you on a healthy basis.


  • Interest Free: Government sponsored "Career Development Loan". A facility where you can approach one of the three banks, borrow an amount that you may need for training, exam fees and licence fees. This loan does not need to be re-paid until two years after it has been granted.
  • Flexible: Part of a team and a recognised School that provides more security, yet you can work the hours that suit you.
  • Choice of car: Learner car at a favourable price and fitted ready for "on-road" tuition use (dual controls fitted). You can decide whether to lease for short or long term or purchase your car (when qualified)
  • Attractive: Car livery and roof sign fitted "ready to go" at nominal cost (when qualified).
  • Competitive: Comprehensive car insurance that you would expect from a major insurance scheme.
  • Systems: Monthly performance feedback, communications and meetings that welcome team input.
  • Advice: Assistance on self-employment, accounts and other necessities.

"Nearly all driving schools that operate with a number of cars choose to Franchise their business. As a new driving instructor within a competitive industry it can be a difficult path to choose to start your new business on your own with a view to teaching full time. With Safeway, you have the advantages of all the above, a more certain future career, and a very reasonable franchise package that you are in control of."

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