Toys for 6 Month Old Babies - Behind the Classroom (2024)

Once babies start to reach 6 months old, they are wanting to actually play with you and their toys. After introducing toys around 4 months old, now I feel like I have a better read on what toys my baby actually enjoys. Here’s some of my favorite toys that I’ve used with my own babies once they reached 6 months old.

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Big Toys for 6 Month Old Babies

Activity Center

With both of my kids, they absolutely loved their bouncer chairs to stand and play in. I highly recommend getting one! They don’t need to stay in them for too long – but having a break from holding them is so nice.

Play Mat

I absolutely love our foldable play mat that covers tons of space and provides a cushioned area for the baby (and you!) to sit and practice crawling on. Another option that you don’t have to put away as much is the puzzle piece foam mats as well. We had this in the play area of our houses to provide some cushion and comfy spots to sit.

Small Toys for 6 Month Old Babies

Banana toothbrush

This banana toothbrush is a favorite that both of my kids loved! It’s chewy and you know that they’re chewing good when it’s squeaking ha!


As an English teacher, having access to books is something that is important to me. There so much they can learn and gather from books – not just reading, but also just interacting with them too. I absolutely love the Indestructible book series, as they are MADE for babies and toddlers. They’re chew-proof, rip-proof, and washable as well!

Object Permanence Box

An object permanence box is a classic Montessori toy to have. Right now, my son loves to hit the balls together, but when I put the ball in the hole – his mind is blown! It’s too cute!

*If you’re curious about bringing Montessori into your playroom and routine, check out these books about Montessori parenting and education to get started!*

Rainbow Spinner

Another favorite for my babies – a wonderful rainbow spinner. Ours is from Lovevery, but this one is a great replacement.

Ring Stacker

A great thing about the ring stacker is that it’s a bunch of toys in one. Each ring is a toy, plus the pole that the rings go on! I love having our ring stacker that each ring is a different sensory experience. Highly recommend it!

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Stacking Cups

We love our stacking cups – plus they can be played with forever, not just at 6 months old! When we pulled out the stacking cups for our 7 month old, my toddler was drawn back to them immediately.

Stuffed Animals

Something that is different from plastic toys is stuffed animals. I steer clear of ones that have bead eyes as they are choking hazards. But the softness is a nice change from the usual plastic toys for 6 month old babies.

Or you could get a Taggie – as I find that babies are drawn to the tag part of toys and want to chomp on them!

Teether Tubes

Honestly, any teether seems to be a must at this age since EVERYTHING is grabbed and immediately put into the mouth ha! However, these are extra squishy and easy to hold for babies too!

Tissue Box

Another Montessori favorite for 6 month old babies is the tissue box! Being able to pull on the tissue and another one replace it is so fun for them to discover.

Water-Filled Teether

Again – teethers are great! But water-filled ones are great for 6 month olds as they are usually starting to have some teeth movement, which equals sore gums. I keep my water-filled teethers in the fridge (not the freezer, as the ice is too hard). My toddler even enjoys them as 3 years old on those hot days.

Everyday Items as Toys for 6 Months Old

Baking Sheets

What? Baking sheets? Yes – baking sheets. These are great toys to have for 6 month olds to bring in sensory play. Fill with water and let them splash around in it. Give them a spoon to smack it and make noise. Put food on it to squish. The possibilities are endless really.


In this case, I’m not really talking about baby bottles, but you can do that if you want! My babies have always been obsessed with water bottles. We make sure to keep the cap on and then let them just play with the bottle.

Laundry Basket

For a baby that isn’t quite sitting consistently on their own, place them in a small laundry basket is a great way to build up that core strength. I love our collapsible laundry baskets, as they are the perfect size to hold a baby.


More kitchen gadgets that can be made into toys for 6 month old babies? Yes please! The number of my plastic or silicone spatulas that belong to the children now is ridiculous. But it is great for them to feel like they are cooking and part of the action in the kitchen too. Which then opens the door to having your cooking buddy when they are a toddler and want to help even more!

Literally anything?

Six months old is when babies are so curious and into grabbing whatever they can. Then putting it immediately in their mouths so definitely watch them! But letting them explore is one of the best parts of this age – so let them if you feel comfortable with what they are getting their hands on.

What are some toys you recommend for six month olds? Share in the comments below!
Toys for 6 Month Old Babies - Behind the Classroom (2024)
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