Mom's Best Stuffing Recipe - (2024)


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"A thirty year old recipe that just seems to get better with time. I went to visit my daughter 3000 miles away and I still had to make the stuffing for dinner."


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Ready In:
1hr 30mins





  • 12 ounces bulk sausage or 12 ounces sausage links
  • 12 cup butter
  • 3 cups onions, chopped
  • 1 cup celery, chopped
  • 3 cups mushrooms, chopped
  • 6 cups cornbread stuffing mix
  • 6 cups bread cubes
  • 1 teaspoon rubbed sage
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1 tablespoon poultry seasoning
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon fresh ground pepper
  • 1 cup pecans, chopped
  • 1 12 cups turkey broth or 1 1/2 cups chicken broth
  • 2 eggs



  • Saute sausage until brown; remove from pan and cut into small bites.
  • In a large skillet, melt butter and cook onion, celery, and mushrooms over medium heat for 3 minutes or until softened.
  • Transfer sausage and veggies, including any butter that is left in the pan to a bowl.
  • Add stuffing mix, bread cubes, sage, thyme, poultry seasoning, salt, pepper, pecans, turkey stock, and eggs.
  • Toss well and adjust seasoning.
  • Stuffing should be moist but not soggy. Add more stock if needed.
  • Transfer to a baking dish.
  • Bake in a 325 degree Fahrenheit oven for 20 minutes covered and 10 minutes uncovered until heated through and crust forms on top.
  • Or better yet stuff it into a big fat turkey.

Questions & Replies

Mom's Best Stuffing Recipe - (12)

  1. How far aead can I make this....and then when take it out to put it in the oven???? Tx.

    Derryn L.

  2. Has anyone tried this in a slow cooker?


  3. I may have missed something but I am pulling this up on my phone so the formatting is off, but does it say how you get these shapes? do you just free-hand shape them and then bake or is there a mold? Thanks anyone! I think this will be great this Thanksgiving!

  4. When you ask for 6 cups of cornbread stuffing mix are you referring to premixed like kraft boxed mix?


  5. Are the bread cubes fresh or packaged (i.e. Pepperidge Farms) like the cornbread we are suppose to use? If the bread cubes are fresh, what types of bread do you use in your stuffing? Thanks so much for sharing!


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  1. Excellent recipe! This was the first I made stuffing from scratch and needless to say I was very impressed with myself!! The flavors were so good. I was worried about using sausage, since I'm not really a pork person but it was perfect. My husband loved it. In fact, he thought it was better than his mom's! Can't get any better than that.


  2. i used all corn stuffing from a bag. turned out great except i do have to agree w/ others that since i didn't stuff it into a turkey i should have added a little more liquid. other than that will definitely make this again. thanks!


  3. This is an excellent recipe for stuffing. I made it for Thanksgiving and I was pleased with the results. I received several compliments from my family members about how good this was. I used homemade cornbread cubes and toasted french bread cubes as the bread. I omitted the mushrooms, eggs, and salt and used only 1/2 tsp pepper. We like our stuffing on the dry side so I also omitted the eggs as well. I assembled the stuffing the day before and baked it on Thanksgiving day. I noticed that the spices were more dominant the second day and the stuffing was a tad more moist. I thought I should mention that just in case anyone makes this stuffing the day ahead like I did. Thanks crazymom for sharing this recipe. It's a great recipe so I will use it again.


  4. I have been using this recipe for 16 years that I have been hosting Thanksgiving. This is the first year I'm having a very small dinner (only 6) normally I have 15-18. So I needed to adjust the serving size and thankfully it's still up! Thank you @crazymom for your recipe that is "known in my circle of family/friends" as my "special Thanksgiving stuffing recipe."


  5. I followed this recipe exactly except I used 3 cups of chicken broth (I could not locate turkey and did not have time to make my own) and it came out perfect! I also sautéed the vegetables for a little longer, about 10 minutes as opposed to 3 minutes. I made it for a potluck at my husband's work and everybody went crazy over it! This was my first time making stuffing from scratch and it was a complete success. Thank you for sharing!


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  1. I omitted the 'shrooms because neither I nor my family like them, I also used only 2 cups of onions instead of 3. I also used Jimmy Dean brand of Sage sausage, we are country folks and love that stuff! I used Pepperidge Farms Herbed cubed bread stuffing.


  2. I use chives instead of onion and I add in green peppers and raisins. The raisins really bring out a lot of the other flavors. I've heard dried cranberry might be a good addition. I do agree that adding more liquid is a good idea. I added a bit more the first time because I knew the raisins would swell but I added about a cup more the second time to eliminate dryness. That was the best try yet. Happy cooking!


  3. I made half a recipe and it is excellent. I did use almonds in place of the pecans and added grated Granny Smith apples.

    adopt a greyhound

  4. I have to go against the tide here just a bit and say that this is over seasoned with herbs. I used only 1/4 t. each of the thyme and sage with the full amount of poultry seasoning, and it was too much. Next time I will omit the sage and thyme altogether. To make this vegan I omitted the sausage and eggs and used vegetable broth and margarine instead of butter, but otherwise followed the recipe. It is a good basic stuffing recipe adaptable for vegetarians and vegans and I will use it again. The pecans are an especially nice touch.

    kokeshi doll

  5. This was a very delicious stuffing - although I did find it a bit salty for my taste. I would probably leave out the salt next time - maybe even cut back on the poultry seasoning a bit. Maybe my sausage was really salty? I did use all cornbread stuffing mix instead of a mixture - only because I didn't want to have leftover cornbread stuffing mix in my cabinets. Thanks, Crazymom for an excellent recipe! It got rave reviews from my Thanksgiving guests!




san jose, ca

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I live in california. I have three kids which are all grown now, My grandson is 7years old and the love of my life. Was a stay at home mom until my husband passed away a few years ago. Enjoy crafts, sewing (which i don't do much of anymore),and cooking. Just started to put together a family cookbook, with long time favorites from over the years. Plus I always enjoy trying new recipes. new passions are sourdough and salsas. We have a garden each year that keeps me in fresh veges for most of the summer,GREAT.

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Mom's Best Stuffing Recipe  - (2024)


What does adding egg to stuffing do? ›

Eggs: Two lightly beaten eggs help hold the dressing together and add moisture.

Is homemade stuffing better than store bought? ›

Homemade is healthier. Stove Top packs a hefty sodium punch, in addition to containing high-fructose corn syrup, caramel coloring, disodium iosinate, and other synthetic additives not necessarily welcome at my Thanksgiving table.

How do you keep stuffing moist when baking? ›

You want your stuffing moist but not soggy and certainly not dry. The bread in the stuffing absorbs moisture, but if it's dry (as it should be, see above), it takes some time for the liquid to settle in. I suggest adding a little at a time, say 1 cup of broth for every 4 cups of dry mix.

What can you use as a binder instead of eggs in stuffing? ›

16 egg substitutes
  1. Mashed banana. Mashed banana can act as a binding agent when baking or making pancake batter. ...
  2. Applesauce. Applesauce can also act as a binding agent. ...
  3. Fruit puree. Fruit puree will help bind a recipe in a similar way to applesauce. ...
  4. Avocado. ...
  5. Gelatin. ...
  6. Xanthan gum. ...
  7. Vegetable oil and baking powder. ...
  8. Margarine.
Mar 30, 2021

Is it OK to make stuffing a day ahead of time? ›

No matter where you fall, getting a head start on what can be prepared before the big day is essential. One question that always crops up: Can you make stuffing ahead of time? The short answer to whether you can making stuffing ahead of time is yes.

What is traditional stuffing made of turkey? ›

Stuffing most often uses dried bread, herbs, and vegetables that are reconstituted with liquid, stuffed into the turkey cavity, and baked until it is firm and finished cooking. In addition, stuffing can also be cooked separately in a casserole dish in the oven, which would then be considered dressing.

Is chicken broth or chicken stock better for stuffing? ›

Homemade stock is the best, but if you don't have homemade, a good store bought stock will work as well. If you use a store bought stock, try to buy one with no/low sodium. I personally have started using bone broth in my stuffing and LOVE it.

Is stove top stuffing as good as homemade? ›

Taste is subjective, and everyone has different preferences. Some people may enjoy Stove Top stuffing the most because they like its flavor and convenience. However, others might prefer homemade or other brands of stuffing. It ultimately comes down to personal taste.

Does Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix go bad? ›

You have to UNDERSTAND food safety and what conditions make different foods unsafe to eat. Sometimes expiration dates need to be taken seriously, and sometimes food is safe to eat passed that date. If you mean the kind you buy in the store dry (such a Pepperidge Farm, no, it does not. It will last practically forever.

Why is stove top stuffing banned? ›

Stove Top Stuffing: Contains a combination of beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), leading to its ban in countries like Japan, the UK, and several European nations​​.

What is the best bread to use for stuffing? ›

Sourdough, Italian, and white bread are standard choices for stuffing; however, journeying beyond your comfort zone can produce excellent results.

Why can't you refrigerate uncooked stuffing? ›

USDA recommends that you never refrigerate uncooked stuffing. Why? Remember, stuffing can harbor bacteria, and though bacteria grow slower in the refrigerator they can cause problems because stuffing is a good medium for bacteria growth, therefore a higher risk food in terms of cooking safely.

What makes stuffing mushy? ›

You'll need day-old loaves to get stale so that the stuffing doesn't get too mushy. Don't cube that bread! Ragged, imperfect pieces of bread have more surface area; it's those nooks and crannies that give you good texture. Speaking of texture, that's what stuffing is all about--you want a mix of crispy and soft pieces.

What do Southerners call stuffing? ›

But for the Thanksgiving side dish in the South, the term dressing was adopted in place of stuffing, which was viewed as a crude term, during the Victorian era. Although dressing and stuffing are interchangeable terms, the signature ingredient of this Thanksgiving side dish in the South is cornbread.

Why use an egg as a thickener? ›

Creamy desserts such as crème brûlée also benefit from eggs' ability to emulsify and produce smooth, satiny, hom*ogeneous mixtures. Their ability to hold up to four times their weight in moisture makes eggs a good thickener for sauces, custards and curds. The proteins in eggs coagulate or set at different temperatures.

Why do we need to apply egg yolk in some dressing? ›

1. **Emulsification**: Eggs or egg yolks act as emulsifiers, helping to bind together the oil and vinegar or lemon juice into a creamy and smooth dressing. This emulsification creates a stable mixture that prevents the oil from separating from the other ingredients.

What makes stuffing unhealthy? ›

Stuffing is not strictly a healthy food, because it is typically high in calories, fat, sodium, and refined carbohydrates. 1 But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it, All foods can fit into a healthy diet in moderation.

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