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The official DVA Theory Test for car drivers and motorcyclists was introduced on 1st July 1996. The purpose of the test is to encourage a thorough understanding of the theory of driving, resulting in a greater level of safety among new drivers. Areas of assessment include: driver attitude, traffic signs and regulations, effects of alcohol, drugs and fatigue on driver behaviour, and safety and environmental aspects of vehicles.

Since January 4th 2000, the test has been presented on a touch screen system on computer terminals at the theory test centre.

The test is available in all of the following languages: Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Farsi, Gujarati, Hindi, Kurdish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Urdi, and Welsh.

Test your driving theory with Safeway's Theory Test. Choose from three levels - Beginner, Intermediate or Expert - and pratice your theory test skills today.



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