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The Driving Instructors Training Course

As a profession, the position demands a high standard of responsibility from one who is dealing with members of the public and who quite rightly, look to you for a caring and methodical approach. Hence the reason, why a Government qualification (DSA ADI) follows successful training. You must have held a clean driving licence for a minimum of 4 years and be aged over 21. Outlined below, are the three exams, their criteria, the order and the general structure of the Safeway training programme. We are prepared to adapt training timetables wherever possible to suit candidates preferences as long as we are notified in advance.

PART ONE (The Theory Test)
The exam is held at a local centre, the format is basically 100 multiple choice questions (tick one of four boxes) and it lasts for 90 minutes. It is overseen and conducted by the DSA (typical exam - back to school!). An aditional 15 minutes also includes a hazard perception video test. All of this is computer operated.

Safeway can issue you with a pack that contains study units, they are designed and laid out alongside text books that will be your necessary reading material. Each study unit is a "band" of information that you need to be fully conversant with, and is similarly laid out with multiple choice format to test your knowledge after studying. There are five "bands" of information to learn, each study unit covers one of the bands and a specific area of knowledge, e.g. Law and publications of documents, they are designed to be easy to follow and are methodically laid out for ease of studying. You will need to purchase the text books, they can be obtained from a good book shop. The actual exam questions are also available i.e. the complete bank (about 1,000) - but we can point out that is a lot more than just knowing the answers!

You will be expected to treat this as home study and divert your attention to gaining as much knowledge as possible whenever time is available to do so. A mock test would be arranged at a suitable stage to offer constructive assessment of any weaknesses prior to any exam, this will allow some time to address any misunderstandings. You are allowed as many attempts at this exam until passed.

PART TWO (Driving Ability Test)
This exam can be applied for and attempted only when you have Part One, normally, you would take the exam in your own car. The test, is basically an advanced driving test that lasts for one hour, it is similar to the learner driver test in format, but the standards are very much higher. You are required to drive with smooth use of the car controls and correct road procedure along with set tasks. You are notified of the result of the test immediately at the end of the session. You are allowed only three attempts at the exam, a stipulation from the DSA.

Your "driving ability" training would normally commence immediately after you have been engaged as a trainee instructor for Safeway. You can expect to need up to 12 hours of training, this takes place by forward planned mutually arranged two hour sessions in either the training car or your own car. We recommend that the part two training to start immediately and run parallel with your own home studying for the Part One (the theory test), when you have passed the part one exam, you will be ready and in a position to immediately apply for the part two exam.

PART THREE - FINAL EXAM (Instructional Ability Test)
This exam can be applied for and attempted only when you have passed Part Two, you will have the option to take the exam in the Safeway training car, or your own car if suitable. The test consists of yourself as the Driving Instructor and the Examiner role playing a pupil. The Examiner, after choosing a pre-set subject will ask you to teach him/her as if they were a genuine pupil. The exam lasts for one hour and takes place on road at a nearby test centre. You are notified of the results of the exam immediately at the end of the session. You are allowed only three attempts at the exam, a stipulation from the DSA.

Your "Instructional Ability" training would normally commence immediately after passing the Part One exam, you can expect to receive up to 40 hours of training via a forward planned mutual schedule in the training car or your own car if suitable. Some of the "in-car" training hours will be via observation with a co-trainee - a valuable period for recognising/assessing/and observing other methods/techniques. You will be issued with the necessary teaching materials e.g. visual aids, briefings etc.

We recommend that the part three training begin immediately after passing the part one exam. When you have passed the part two exam, you will be nearer to being ready to apply for the trainee licence option and/or the part three exam.

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