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Learn to be a Driving

The Safeway UK PDI Franchise

Informal Prompt Interview Thank you for showing an interest in Safeway UK Franchise Scheme. We have listed for your information the main features and benefits of joining Safeway. Once you have read the information on these pages we would be delighted to meet you, or we can answer any questions you may have via a telephone 'interview'.

Providing Training To date we are pleased to say that Safeway Motoring School is consitent with its follow up training and support for any PDI that has yet to complete their final exam. Most PDIs are successful in regard to their part three exam and are equally successful with their healthy business supply. We are more than pleased to allow you to approach our franchisees to gain an independent view in your area. We have, over the past 5 years, closely liased with The Instructor College in "placements" and will continue to aim to provide a competitive, flexible and supportive package to our franchisees.

Being part of a team Being a driving instructor can be an isolated job. At Safeway we try to maintain a team spirit where social evenings and informal meetings are regulary held - a valuable moment to gain knowledge and "iron out" any views towards teaching methods, some local knowledge build up (geographical training areas, nursery training areas etc), additional tips to what can be effective and…keeping you in touch with your colleagues.

Supportive and flexible package Whether you choose to work part-time hours at the start and phase it with your existing work until part three successes or…want full time hours from the offset - It is up to you. Suitable short term car hire (7 months) can be arranged through the Driving Instructor Centre during your early stages, you can also use your own car if suitable. We do not stipulate a specific car but do require it to be liveried and fitted with a roof sign to fall in with our corporate Safeway style.

Driving Instructor Centre

We are always at hand to talk to concerning any advice, any contacts and will do our utmost to put you on the road with minimum fuss…simplicity is our motto whether it be teaching, operating administration, your 'in car' teaching aids, or communication with the office.

Phil Brown. Proprietor
(DSA ADI, IAM, RoSPA, DIAmond Advanced, FAETC 730)

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Choice of part time of full time - it's up to you

Start when you like (as long as it's Monday)

Own car or dual control car can be promtly provided

Assistance in part three preparation nearing exam date

Healthy new business supply - full time hours in
6-8 weeks

Full admin support by office - 7 days a week

Part of a professional, strongly marketed school

Advice always available regarding teaching or other matters


Full time hours with own car from £278.00 per month (£65 per week)*
Part time with own car (15 hours) from £225.00 per month (£53 per week)*
  * depending on franchise region


Where you may choose the option of being provided with a modern car (dual control fitted), inc service and insurance, either short or long term you should add typically the following costs:


Typical: Peugeot 207, Corsa, Clio, Fiesta £95 per week
Bristol - Suites 1 and 2, Station Road Workshops,
Station Road,Kingswood, Bristol. BS15 4PJ